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Hello my name ist Stefan Mayer and this post shall introduce myself. I am an enthuastic computer programmer and web developer. Because of my interest in this kind of subject I started studying computer science directly after finishing school. That is also why i was involved in a lot of different IT Projects, which I will briefly showcase in this post. A lot of early programming work was done in cooperation with Paul Mohr, so most projects were done in a team.



My first published program with him is this tiny, horrible programmed game SwingTest. The game is non typical side runner game, where the player automatically runs on top of buildings. Most of the work was done by Paul, but this was my first real contact with productive programming, so implemented some functions to route the path of birds, which you can maybe spot on the screenshot below.

Papaya Safari

After that first programming experience, I had a lot of motivation as my study colleagues did, so we decided to make a small program in a team every semester for one full packed week, called “The Coding Week”. The first program we developed was a game called “Papaya Safari”, which was developed excusively for android devices, because of more easy entry requirements compared to iOS development. Papaya Safari is a Jump ‘n Run which is uniquely controlled by tilting the smartphone for moving. The goal is to collect as many papayas as possible and avoiding contact with the dangerous killer plants and killer monkeys.

Zombie Safari

The next program(game) developed throughout the coding week was Zombie Safari. Zombie Safari is a game with a lot of movement and optical highlights, it was developed with a framework especially fitted for cross platform java game development GDX.


The latest game, that we developed was Triangula. This game took us even two weeks to complete. The game is again an skill based jump and run one, with a unique time manipulation mechanics. The Player, a round shaped object in a world of triangles needs to find a way to the portal at the end of the levels. As player you can only move forward by jumping, the only way to go back is hitting a wall in front of you or time warp to go back in time. The game is build on top of Box2D and uses a own level editor built for the web. Both the game and the level editor are open source and available on


But I not only have done a lot of work for my private entertainment, i also work as a freelancer in web development. I have contributed a lot to rich list of projects.


One of this work was my first work with Sopamo. It was the vacation house portal Sonnigetoskana. Part of my work was designing a database scheme, as well as designing the backend and implementing options like exporting of a villa.


A very similar website was made for the same customer called Casalio. A lot of work for me consisted in working on techniques to replicate villas from Sonnigetoskana in Casalio. I also worked on creating a search engine for Casalio based on Lucene and Java. The frontend and the backend were developed with the PHP Framework laravel.


Another project I worked on was which focuses on making wheel chairs rentable over the internet. My work was mainly creating forms for order processing. I also worked on billing creation for the customers, as well as delivery options. This project also is based on laravel.


A third and last project was the work for my mother’s website as an artist. She is very passionate about painting pictures, so I created a site for her. This site was created from Scratch with Laravel and Vue.js.

Thanks for reading.